Make Him Fall in Love With You

The purpose of this article is to help you get more out of your life by moving away from the mirror, His Secret Obsession and moving into the more meaningful things in life. We know you spend a generous amount of time staring at yourself, in hopes this would change every the slightest imperfection in your face or body. It’s about time you got over your obsession. Read on to find out why looks don’t matter much in finding the person of your dreams.

Physical attraction only lasts for seconds. When you spot a cutie from across the room, it’s natural for your heart to do a little dance. But when you and cutie start talking, you begin to drift away from staring at a Jessica Alba-lookalike, to actually listening to her. It’s more or less the same for women. And for some women, looks don’t really matter at all, not even from the beginning.

Two of the first things a woman notices in a man, physically, are his eyes, and his smile. So make your eyes smile, and flash her a nice, boyish grin, then proceed to the more important highlight – your conversation skills.

A way to a woman’s heart is through her ears. Don’t believe it? Be at your dorkiest, and throw a sweet, sincere compliment to the hottest girl you see, and you won’t even have the chance to say ‘hey’. She’ll notice you right away. Crack a decent joke and make her laugh.

It’s these things she hears that she remembers when you and she go separate ways. She won’t be busy staring at the zit you have in your forehead, since she won’t even notice it. She’ll have fun listening to your amusing stories that aren’t all about you, you and you. Observe her reaction when cracking jokes as humor is highly relative and dynamic, and could vary from person to person.